Epoxy-Coated Carbon Steel Tanks

Thompson Tank’s epoxy-coated tanks use the OptiBond process, which is becoming the industry standard for its durability and resistance to corrosion, UV breakdown, and abrasion. Furthermore, our team understands that the process by which a coating is applied is just as important as the coating itself.

Factory-Applied Coatings

We apply OptiBond coatings in an environmentally controlled manufacturing facility as opposed to in the field.


The coatings are cured at a controlled temperature under strict process controls, which provide a variety of benefits, including:
  • Elimination of Weather Factors: When constructing a welded tank with factory-applied coatings, there is no waiting for the weather to be within specific parameters in order to apply the coatings. The managed environmental conditions properly cure the coating every time.
  • Better Visibility: Each step in our factory-applied coating process is carefully monitored so that inconsistencies in the coating can be detected and addressed in the earliest possible stage of the process.
  • Faster Construction: Completion of the tank and its coating can be performed in one-third the time of alternative methods. And, since on-site weather delays are eliminated, service can commence earlier and ROI begins sooner.

The OptiBond™ Coating System

Thompson Tank utilizes proprietary coating technology that provides maximum corrosion resistance and tank lifespan. Over our many years of operation, we’ve continually developed and improved the product and process by leveraging our vast wealth of field experience and performance data. The result is the finest epoxy coating available in the liquid tank industry.


stage: 1

  1. Parts are degreased and rinsed
  2. Precisely controlled hot air drying and preheating processes are performed at optimum temperature for precision coating process

stage: 2

  1. Part surfaces are blasted with engineered grit material
  2. Rugged 3D surface topography is created for better powder-coating performance
  3. A high-velocity air curtain removes residual particulate


stage: 3

  1. Parts are powder-coated in our proprietary Trico Bond EP electrostatic booth with precise environmental controls
  2. Parts are cured at a controlled temperature to maximize the cross-link bond of the epoxy particles

stage: 4

  1. A uniquely engineered polyurethane topcoat is applied for UV protection on the exterior surfaces for extra durability and longevity
  2. Sheets are cured at a controlled temperature, yielding the final product

Quality Control

All parts are subjected to a rigorous quality control evaluation that employs a high-voltage defect testing procedure to identify any holidays, inclusions, and thin areas in the coating. We guarantee that Thompson Tank’s procedure and quality control standards are the highest in the industry.